TIF 101

Tom is the organizer of the Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Illumination Project at http://www.tifreports.com. The TIF Illumination Project is a work of the CivicLab, which operated from 2013-2015 as America’s only co-working space dedicated to collaboration, education and innovation for civic engagement.

Tom has done 50 public meetings from February 2013 through July 2017 on TIFs in front of some 5,000 people!

Tom’s presentations posted to SlideShare have been viewed over 180,000 times!

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Tom can do workshops, training sessions and public meetings around TIFs, community development and community organizing issues.

You can watch our TIF training videos here. You can purchase our videos on a DVD by clicking here. We are starting to do online webinars on these topics. For the current schedule, check our Facebook page.

Listen to this August 2014 interview with Tom that covers the founding of the CivicLab, the operation and work of the TIF Illumination Project and more (39 minutes).

If you’d like a training session on TIFs or if you’d like to participate in our ongoing research of local government financing, please contact tom@civiclab.us.


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