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This page is for resources and links about community organizing. The short URL for this page =

The CivicLab has launched the POWER Institute for training people to win for justice. We started in the summer of 2017 with “Chicago 101,” “Organizing 101.” and “Grassroots Campaigning 101.” Our goal is to help train 500 social justice champions by Chicago’s 109 municipal election

I teach classes and workshops on community organizing. In January 2015 I started teaching an undergraduate class on organizing for Roosevelt University.RU logoOn April 11, 2012 two veteran community organizers visited a class I was teaching on social change. Jitu Brown is the Education Organizer for the Kenwood Oakland Community Organization and Michael Klonsky is a professor of education at DePaul University, leader of the small schools movement and working to stop public school closings. They spoke about how they got started in civic work, the lessons they learned and what they are fighting for. It’s a riveting and often moving 90 minutes. Watch it here.


The No Games Chicago Story presentation at

•The Midwest Academy – Training, excellent manual –
• New Organizing Institute –
• Community Organizers Handbook –
• The Organizers’ Collaborative –
• The Ruckus Society – Tools & training for organizing –
• AlternativeROOTS – Arts. Community. Activism –
• TechSoup – Technology for nonprofits –
• The Civic Commons  – Technology for the public good –
• Rainforest Action Network – Activist resources –
• Mobile Active – Cell phones for civic engagement –
• Industrial Areas Foundation – Founded by Alinsky, training-
• Gamaliel Foundation – Coalition of organizing efforts, training –
Download a PDF copy of “The Organizer’s Workbook” from the Indianapolis Neighborhood Resource Center – great workbook –

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