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I’m teaching classes for Adler University’s online M.A. in Nonprofit Management. I teach NPM 500 “The Nonprofit Sector” and NPM 507 “Nonprofit Advocacy.

I LOVE teaching online. I guess it shows.

My supervisor at the Adler Master’s Program in Nonprofit Management interviewed one of students from the class I teach on “Introduction to Nonprofits.” She reports back (February 2017): “She [the student] said all the things that one would hope a student would say about a great teacher – pushing her to new learning, encouraging her to revise her assignments to dig deeper, asking the right questions, making the course content come alive, sharing your own experiences and expertise. Appreciate your great work.”

Here’s what one student said (August 2016):

“Just a personal thank you for your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding that you have give to the class as well as me personally. It has truly been a pleasure, and I hope this is not the only class I will have with you. Peace and Blessings.”

Another student commented (June 2016):

I just want to say that you are the most amazing teacher I have had, ever! I thank you very much for your comments, encouragement and for sharing your experiences, What a difference a master teacher makes, its a great feeling!”

Nonprofit Organizations (SOWK 713). Nonprofit organizations provide basic human services, help to improve conditions in distressed communities, and serve as a means to enhance and expand the public discourse on social issues throughout the United States and abroad. This course examines the history, growth, and evolution of the nonprofit sector and explores some of the critical management, leadership, and institutional development issues that are key to running an effective nonprofit organization.

Tom started teaching this graduate-level online class for Loyola’s Graduate School of Social Work in the Fall of 2010. He taught the class through 2013.

The final project for the students in this class is to design and build a community service nonprofit organization from scratch.

“I really enjoyed your course. This was my last class needed to earn my MSW. I learned more about NPOs than I ever imagined I would. I am excited to get out and soon be working in the NPO sector. Thank you for having such a tough and informative class!!!” – Student from Summer 2013.

“I learned A LOT!!!!!! I truly enjoyed this class – it has helped me tremendously.” – Student from Fall 20111.

Here are resources for starting and operating your own nonprofit organization.

Lawyers for the Creative Arts – Great low-cost workshops on incorporating a nonprofit organization in Illinois.

Donors Forum of Chicago – Essential resource for learning about and researching fund raising information. This is a link to a 2008 publication, “Illinois Nonprofit Principles and Best Practices.”

The Illinois Attorney General’s web site has a set of basic resources on starting and filing paperwork for nonprofit organizations.

“Nonprofit Kit for Dummies” – 3rd edition – has chapters on all aspects of starting and maintaining a nonprofit plus a handy CD with dozens of forms and sample budgets.

The Independent Sector – America’s national service organization and advocate for nonprofits – a treasure trove of resources, research, reports and connections.

Philanthropy in America” – a very good overview from CQ Researcher from 2006.


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