Tom @ TEDx

TEDx  events are independently organized forums where speakers make short presentations (15 to 18 minutes) of a world-changing idea.

From the April 23, 2012 "New Yorker."

From the April 23, 2012 “New Yorker.”

Tom Presented at TEDxDePaul on October 13, 2012 on “Crowdsourcing Social Change” and instigated a crowdsourced project using the ideation and collaboration platform GoSoapBox. Click here to see the presentation deck and listen to the accompanying audio (18 minutes).

Tom presented on The Gift Economy at TEXxIIT 2012 on April 14. Click here to listen to the audio (17 minutes). The presentation and audio contains a summary of the prototype gift exchange we set up in the lobby. 82 of the 100 attendees participated and offered a gift of goods or services to their fellow attendees. Watch the video of the presentation here. Watch ALL the presentations here.

Tom was the lead off presenter on March 26, 2011 for the TEDxIIT event. His presentation was on “The Creativity Imperative.” Watch all TEDxIIT presentations here.

View the slides used in the presentation at

Tom presented on the future of arts and business collaboration at TEDxMichgan Ave on Saturday, May 7, 2011. Here is the video – 17 minutes:

View the slides used the presentation at


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