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Tom taught a session on “Community Organizing 101” on May 19, 2011.

Here’s what one attendee Tweeted:

One of THE MOST rewarding & fulfilling meetups of ANY kind I’ve attended. Thank you @CommuniTeach. Most of all @tomstee. #PowerPeople!!!

Listen to the presentation and the dialogue with the attendees at (2 hours).

Here are some images:

Tom taught “Intro to Community Organizing” at the 2011 Learnapalooza in Wicker Park on Saturday, June 25. Learnapalooza is a free learning extravaganza where over 100 classes and workshops were offered in the Wicker Park area on Saturday, June 25.

Description of the 2011 session: “Chicago is the home of modern community organizing. It’s happening here and all over the world – witness the uprisings in The Middle East. But what – exactly – is community organizing? This is an introduction to this calling and cause. “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will” said Frederick Douglass.  The presenter is Tom Tresser, one of the organizers of No Games Chicago.”

I’m teaching a class on privatization for the 2012 Learnapalooza.

Description: “Did you know we sold the Skyway Bridge to Indiana? How about the Monroe Street Parking Garages? You’ve probably heard that the city sold its parking meters to MorganStanly for 75 years. You probably don’t know that MorganStanly will make TEN BILLION DOLLARS in profit from this deal. Did you know the mayor wants to sell Midway Airport? Have you heard about the Infrastructure Trust the mayor has been selling hard (as of this writing it looks like it will rammed through a rushed City Council approval). What is all this about? Are these deals good for the public? This session will explain the push for privatization and why these are BAD deals for us and how we can FIGHT these rip-offs.”

Download the resource, “Forms of Privatization” from The Fox in the Henhouse – How Privatization Threatens Democracy by Si Kahn and Elizabeth Minnich.

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One response to “CommuniTeach

  1. David Thigpen

    This was an excellent Learn It where I was enabled to appreciate the life cycle of a Social Organizational movement. I really got my arms around the breadth of the key elements necessary to affect lasting change in my lifetime. This all was made possible by of CommuniTeach and our innovative CommuniTeacher and Social Momentum Architect Tom Tresser.

    -Since it takes a village to raise a child….
    -It will take gratitude, to raise humanity

    Thanks Tom!

    CommuniTaught – David T.

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